Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I build my own, custom set?

    Yes, you can! You may chop and change different sets with each other. You may combine sets and even eliminate certain characters whilst adding ones you’d like better.

    Email us, with your ideas and wants at

  • How does the pick-up option work?

    You are more than welcome to arrange a pick-up time with us. There are stipulated time periods however if need be, we can arrange a time convenient for both parties.
  • Is there a delivery option?

    Yes, we work with the CourierIt courier company and can arrange delivery, wherever you are in South Africa.
  • How do I choose colors?

    Honestly, it is up to you. Lots of clients work off favorite colors and gender-suited colors however we like to create color schemes based on the information you give us. We also appreciate the ‘carte-blanche’ approach and enjoy using this to surprise you!
  • What is the average lead time?

    The maximum your order would take is 14 days. We try our utmost best to produce your order within a few days however, with this being a small-time husbandandwife hustle, this is dependent on the number of orders we have currently. It is best to communicate when you would need it by and for us to communicate to you, when it would be ready, and/or if there will be any delays.

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