My name Is Trianne and I am the Owner/Producer/Labourer/Marketer/Packager at Lael the Label. I am the wife of one hubba-hubba husband Brendon and the Mother of a beautiful, busy-as-a-bee toddler Alex(andria). I’m a lover by nature but a fighter for change, a proud shenanigan enthusiast, and even a prouder badass. I have huge Batman aspirations by night and lecturer ones by day. I’d quit my 9-5 to join a Chef school in a heartbeat whilst getting my heart beat for gender/race/ethnicity/socioeconomic equality. I am quite a conceited South African (local is lekker) and an absolutely arrogant Football hooligan. If you’ve read all this nonsense, I apologize.

Lael(Hebrew for belonging to God, my daughter’s second name) the Label(established 2020), like many others, is a business that birthed from the initial Corona-Virus, hard lockdown. Being ‘bored-in-the-house-and-I’m-in-the-house-bored’ with a busy toddler and work-swamped husband, drove me to find a creative outlet to channel my emotions and pass the time(I mean other than doing COVID-19-stress cooking and baking).

I started off my COVID-19-cleaning spree in the playroom and found all these broken crayons. I recalled seeing them being reused and repurposed and wondered if I could do the same….Thankfully it worked! Thus, began the journey of experimenting, modeling, designing, and just creating, I guess. I showed them to my friends and family(they are absolute legends!!!) who just encouraged and supported me to continue and turn it into a business. One order turned into two which turned into four and ten and the word kept spreading.

I did not ever see or consider myself the “business type”(I still don’t…Thank God for a business-minded husband!), but here we are. We are the original custom-crayon makers in South Africa (we’re the real ones, all the others are just imitating ). You get to choose the colors as well as the shapes. We offer a wide range of themed crayon sets such as animals, transport, insects, and even mermaids and unicorns. Our most popular set is the Letter crayons which can be used to form names or words. There are no boxes here so the only limit is your imagination.

Looking forward to creating your order.

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